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Srikumar Murthy and Rachit Chandra to represent India in New York as Goldman Sachs Global Leaders, class of 2008  Posted on  4/13/2008
News brief:

Second year students at BITS Pilani, Srikumar and Rachit have been selected to attend the annual Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Institute in New York during July 2008.The academic excellence and the leadership potential of the second-year students of reputed colleges and universities were tapped in a global competition for identifying global leaders. Srikumar and Rachit are among the 75 students across the world including 15 students from India who would be visiting New York during 12-18 July 208 representing the Global Leaders at GLI, New York. These 75 students are amongst the 150 second-year students selected from 100 of the worlds top ranking universities and colleges. They will attend the Global Leadership training and seminars , meet and consult with renowned leaders like Kofi Annan, Henry Paulson and build ties based on shared experiences and common goals. Activities for participants will include various cultural events in New York City. Goldman Sachs Foundation conducts the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program with the motive to train and develop tomorrows educators, policy makers, business leaders, research scientists, social entrepreneurs, and other professionals and to create an international network through which they can share ideas, work collaboratively, and begin to change the world, together. In this regard, the Institute of International Education (IIE), in partnership with educational organizations in selected countries, conducted an annual international competition at 100 top-ranked universities in about 19 countries Initially, the foundation named 150 Goldman Sachs Global Leaders, Class of 2008 from the world. Including Srikumar and Rachit, four Global Leaders were named from BITS Pilani. M Harsha Vardhan and Anantha Padmanabhan were the other two Global Leaders, Class of 2008 from BITS Pilani. In all, 29 Global Leaders were named from India and they were invited to Mumbai for the regional recognition ceremony . All the Global leaders received a $ 3000 dollar grant from the Foundation. They were further interviewed for the next level to select a group of fifteen to receive an all-expense-paid trip to represent the group at the Global Leadership Institute in New York City in July 2008. The total tally of Global leaders from BITS Pilani currently stands at 10 with six of them getting the award last year. Karthika was selected last year from BITS Pilani for the New York trip.

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