Course Descriptions

1. Type of Courses Offered

Analysis & Application Oriented Courses (AAOC)
Bioengineering (BENG)
Biological Sciences (BIO)
Courses on Development Process (CDP)
Civil Engineering (CE)
Chemical Engineering (CHE)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Computer Science (CS)
Design Engineering (DE)
Emerging Area (EA)
Economics (ECON)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
Engineering (ENGG)
English (ENGL)
Engineering Science (ES)
Engineering Technology (ET)
Finance (FIN)
French (FRE)
German (GER)
Hindi (HINDI)
History (HIST)
Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS)
Humanities (HUM)
Instrumentation (INSTR)
Information Systems (IS)
Internet Technology & e-Business (ITEB)
Mathematics (MATH)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Microelectronics (MEL)
Management (MGTS)
Management Systems (MGSYS)
Manufacturing Management (MM)
Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE)
Material Science and Technology (MST)
Music (MUSIC)
Pharmacy (PHA)
Philosophy (PHIL)
Physics (PHY)
Political Science (POL)
Psychology (PSY)
Russian (RUS)
Sanskrit (SANS)
Science (SCI)
Skill Area (SKILL)
Sociology (SOC)
Software Systems (SS)
Science and Technology Development (STD)
Technical Arts (TA)
Technique Oriented Courses (TOC)