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    The first iCampus Hub Institution in India   .


iCampus, as a project, was originally initiated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (USA) with research funding from Microsoft Research, Redmond (USA). This has, over the period of time, evolved into an international research, development and deployment project. The iCampus India Initiative is the result of collaboration between the BITS-Pilani, India and the MIT-Cambridge, USA. BITS-Pilani is an iCampus Hub Institution in India. In addition to adaptation, co-development and deployment of iLabs, iMOAT and xTutor for its own students as well as helping several other interested institutions of higher learning in the country to use these resources, BITS-Pilani shall carry out joint collaborative research with researchers at MIT under the broad agreement between the two institutions. Sharing of the knowledge and technology generated through this and other discussed form of collaboration with the worldwide community of learning is one of the major objectives of this effort.


About Select iCampus Projects


MIT iCampus Site: http://icampus.mit.edu/


MIT iLabs site: http://icampus.mit.edu/ilabs


MIT iCampus iLabs Architecture:



iLabs Faculty Developer Workshop including case studies

of usage: http://stellar.mit.edu/S/project/ilabs/



Openilabs has a public demonstration site for the

Microelectronics Semi-conductor Characterization Lab:






Open Courseware (OCW)  example of Microelectronics Devices and Circuits course using the iLabs experiment may of interest to someone interested in this area.


For the iCampus online offering of Artificial Intelligence, please click here. In addition to texts and notes, the complete lectures for each of these subjects are presented as audio recordings with transcripts. There is also a full semester of interactive homework assignments implemented with our prototype toolkit. Problem formats range from simple multiple choice and fill-ins, to programming assignments with automatic checking of results, and machine-checked formal proofs in the AI course. The system also includes an administrative interface that lets instructors monitor their students' performance and progress.


iCampus is hosting these facilities on its Web servers, for free use by students who want to gain familiarity with these courses, and for faculty who want to use them in their own teaching.



Technology-enabled active learning (TEAL) is a teaching format that merges lectures, simulations, and hands-on desktop experiments to create a rich collaborative learning experience.  It is now the primary format used for MIT introductory physics instruction. 





TEAL classes feature:

  • Collaborative learning—students working during class in small groups with shared laptop computers
  • Desktop experiments with data acquisition links to laptops
  • Media-rich visualizations and simulations delivered via laptops and the Internet
  • Personal response systems that stimulate interaction between students and lecturers


iCampus provides the full set of TEAL software tools, visualizations, course lectures, problem sets, experiments, and concept questions used in MIT's second semester introduction to physics



© Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge <Extracts>



The iCampus programme was initiated at the MIT with support from Microsoft Research, Redmond (USA).

The i2l initiative, as a new architecture for the BITS Virtual University, was conceptualized at the BITS-Pilani with initial funding support from the Distance Education Council, New Delhi (India).

The project is aimed to help both on-campus as well as off-campus students registered in relevant programmes of the collaborating institutions.




Copyright © 2005 : CSD,  BITS-Pilani, India




Want to join us?


Are you interested in your Institution / University joining the iCampus program? If so, you are welcome to contact us at the contact details given below either through an Email or telephone or a postal mail, as you may prefer. Your institution has to be duly recognized / accredited by the appropriate agencies of Govt. of India like the UGC / NAAC, AICTE / NBA etc.


Please click here for more information for the Institutions interested in joining BITS-Pilani as iCampus Project Affiliates!


Contact details:

Dr. Rahul Banerjee

Coordinator: BITS-MIT iCampus Collaboration Programme,

Room No. 3256, CSD, BITS, Pilani, India -333 031

Email: rahul@bits-pilani.ac.in

Tel.: 01596-245073 Ext. 335

FAX: 01596-244183