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International Conference on

Applied Economics and Finance (ICAEF2023)

November 3-4, 2023 | BITS Pilani Pilani Campus

Conference Overview

The global economy has significantly transformed in the last two decades with an increased focus on technology development and innovation. The adverse economic events during this period, such as the Asian financial crisis, global recession, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic, have further sped up the rate of technological advancement, and a similar trend is found worldwide. The period also witnessed a rise in income inequality and other aspects of life, such as health and the environment. These rising inequalities make the economic system imbalanced, where the better-of agents think more about the environment, and the lowest strata are more concerned about their income. The concept of inclusive growth does not seem helpful at the aggregated level.

Further, this period also witnessed the development of various financial services. These services support many areas of economic growth through improvement in banking, insurance, and payment systems. Digitalization helped to solve many issues that looked impossible. How businesses and consumers conduct ordinary transactions has been transformed by FintTech. At the international level, countries are focusing on economic sustainability, where the ultimate aim is to save the environment and sustainable development. However, the developed counterparts fail to attract the underdeveloped world towards financial sustainability. The main reason behind this is the low-income trap. The path followed by the developing and emerging countries could be a panacea for the underdeveloped world, but still, they have to go a long way. These problems must be discussed on some platform to arrive at policy suggestions

Objectives of the Conference

The conference aims to bring academicians, young researchers, policy analysts, and industry experts to share their experiences and research findings on the problems, issues, prospects, and challenges in the diversified field of Economics and Finance, specifically on the diversities that emerged in the last two decades. It also intends to offer a forum for a multidisciplinary study where academicians and business professionals may discuss the trends, principles, issues, routines, and difficulties they encounter daily and contribute to developing long-term, viable solutions.

Conference Sub-Themes


Track-1: Emerging Issues in Economics


Track 2: Emerging Issues in Finance


Track 3: Environment, Agricultural, and Rural Sector


Track 4: Socio-Cultural-Economic Sustainability

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