Organizational Structure for DBT BUILDER Implementation-
Internal BITS Committee

Overall Programme Coordinator: Prof. Ashis K Das

Programme Implementation Committee
Convener: Prof. Deepak Chitkara
Members: Prof. Syamantak Majumder, Prof. Atish T. Paul, Prof. Prabhat N Jha and Prof. Shilpi Garg
Ex officio Members: Dean (Administration); Associate Dean (Sponsored Research and Consultancy Division)

Facility Creation and maintenance Committee:
Convener: Prof. Vishal Saxena
Members: Prof. Rajdeep Chowdhury, Prof. Syamantak Majumder
Ex officio Members: Dean (Administration); Faculty-in-Charge (Estate Management); Estate Manager

Academic Programme Committee:
Convener: Prof. Prabhat N Jha
Members: Prof. Aniruddha Roy, Prof. Rajeev Taliyan
Ex officio Members: Associate Dean (Academic-Undergraduate Studies Division), Associate Dean (Academic-Graduate Studies & Research Division), Head (Biological Sciences), Head (Pharmacy)

Documentation and Publication Committee:
Convener: Prof. Rajeev Taliyan
Members: Prof. Anupama Mittal, Prof. Shilpi Garg, Dr. Sandeep Sundriyal
Ex officio Members: Faculty-in-Charge (Public Relations), Faculty-in-Charge (Publications and Media Relations)

Human Resource Selection Committee:
Convener: Prof. Atish T. Paul
Members: Prof. Hemant R. Jadhav
Ex officio Members: Dean (Administration), HR Manager

Fund Management Committee:
Convener: Prof. S Murugesan
Members: Prof. Anil Gaikwad
Ex officio Members: Dean (Administration); Head (Accounts and Finance)

Procurement Committee:
Convener: Prof. Rajdeep Chowdhury
Members: Prof. Syamantak Majumder, Prof. Deepak Chitkara
Ex officio Members: Unit Chief (Centralized Purchase)

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